Microsoft Office

Office is a document based software that provides editorial features in making documents and sheets. Office suite also includes email programs, which is called as Outlook.

There are variety of Microsoft Ofice versions available online and always prefer to have the latest one installed on your computer. If  you update to Microsoft Office, you will get the programs like word, excel, powerpoint, access, publisher, project, one note and outlook. It depends on the program which you have puchased. This office product has a license to use it on the computer. Because all this features require ongoing support and development matching the business needs.

Office programs are available for Home users and Business users separately. Home user programs have limited apps from the above list. It is useful for docuentation, emailing and basic accounting related purposes.

Busines office involves projects, presentations, databases and so it is more advnced and also include the home packages including additional business applications.

Onedrive is a cloud application and you should use onedrive to store your data on the web. This provides guaranteed data security for the user even when the user machine fails to launch.

Some of the recent days office versions include office 365, office 2016 and office 2013 etc

Office 365 is  completely subscription based application and requires monthly commitments or annual subscriptions. This is low cost per month and can avoid one off payments but you will never own the product.

Office 2016 is available in one off payment module and can provide you the same features as required. You can choose based on the requirements.

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