Internet explorer installation updates failure error codes 9c48 and 9c49

Internet explorer update error 9c48 and 9c49

Microsoft has updated the browser security everytime and has launched latest versions in it’s windows operating systems. Internet explorer update is must to keep the computer away from hackers.

Error code 9c48 occurs when internet explorer updates.

Error code 9c49 occurs during internet explorer installation.

Internet explorer updates fails due to the missing updates or corrupted browsers, spyware or temporary files.

Internet explorer was transformed to the Modern user interface and launched as Edge browser in Windows 10. Microsoft Edge browser is the default version alike IE11 or IE10 and it keeps updating security patches along side Windows updates.


This error code  9c48 or 9c49 are due to the insufficient preliminary updates while launching the new Internet explorer installation.  There is also a second case where the Internet explorer files are corrupted.

We advise a system file scan to start with the troubleshooting  and then perform checks under logs of Internet explorer. The log files are located inside Windows folder on C drive.

System folder keeps the tracking of the failed updates and successful updates which are listed on a log file.

Before you install any Internet explorer update, check on the prerequisite KB articles which send the required updates.

9c48 and 9c49 errors appear in Windows 7 and other older operating systems. Windows 8 comes with IE11 by default and Windows 10 comes with IE11 and Edge browser.

Safest browser to use is Edge as recommended by Microsoft for banking or other financial activities.

Try resolving the issues by checking the web for all the prerequisite updates or use the following links to launch them. If you have any other issues to fix the error code 9c48 or error code 9c49, feel free to  ask our online agents for assistance.


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